Winter Sunlight

Winter Sunlight

I think winter sunlight, particularly in the morning, is one of the most beautiful things in the world. It’s shining through my bedroom window right now, casting the thin-beamed shadows of my blinds upon the wall, and it feels calming, somehow…as though life is moving slowly…just drifting along…and there’s no need to rush or do a million-and-one things. It reminds me of lazy mornings sipping coffee, listening to music, and lighting nice-smelling candles just because.

There’s almost something barren about winter sunlight. Yet something clean…something crisp. Around 8:15 am, when I get off the bus to walk to work, I pass by this empty, grass field. It’s been covered in frost lately and there’s a certain quietness about this open space that’s comforting. Sometimes a gathering of birds fly overhead. The sky is that wintry, gentle shade of pale blue. If I’m lucky, there’s fragile sunbeams of winter sunlight shining through the branches of the trees.

….and suddenly, the world is glistening.

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